Subdye Cresting

Sublimation is a dye process. Specialized inks are screen printed or digitally imprinted in reverse on paper. Under high heat and pressure, the inks “sublime” or gasify, and permanently bond with white polyester as a dye . Of course dyes are transparent.  If your sportswear is white to begin with, then a Direct Sub Dye can be applied to the garment.  If  your sportswear uses colored material, then we will produce the logo as a crest and it will be sewn directly to your garment for a professional design-enhancing look.

Sub Dye crests are similar to screen-printing but the end product is much more durable and design enhancing.  The process involves Sublimation where specialized inks are applied to white polyester and are permanently bonded using high heat and pressure. We then apply a backing, cut to shape and finish with a "merrowed edge". The end result is a permanent graphic sewn to your jersey.

We can also produce sponsor crests and badges as Sub Dye crests at very economical prices.

Pricing as follows:


Sub Dye Crest

2” to 6”

Sub Dye Crest

7” to 14”

Flat Setup


     12-24        25-49

  12-24         25-49


1 Color

  $6.00         $4.75

$9.50         $9.00


2 Color

  $7.25         $5.75

$11.50      $11.00


3 Color

  $8.50         $6.75

$13.95        $13.45


4 Color

  $9.75         $7.75

$14.95       $14.45



  • Minimum order is 12 units, special pricing available for greater volumes. Crests can be shipped loose.


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