The Personalities

Yale Singer, President.

With over 30 years in the industry, Yale has earned his place as top gun at Jerseymart. A day at the office involves anything from order writing to customer service to sales development, but Yale manages more than just a corporation: He's a full-Time single father of two, a Hockey Coach, and craftsman.


Mark Singer, V.P. Production.

An Entrepreneur, Mark ran his own screen shop successfully for 15 years before merging with Harv-Al, it makes him the perfect person to ensure quality and speed of production in our eyes. 

Kaz Bednarsky

Graphic Designer Extraordinaire


Joanne van der Holt

Office receptionist, organizer and manager, keeping the Pres and VP in line.


In the factory we have the best screen printer, cutter and sewers in the business!




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