Jerseymart Scores BIG at Hockey Expo

Tuesday Sep 30 2014
by Jerseymart

The Jerseymart team was out in full force at the 2010 “Let’s Play Hockey” expo in St. Paul, Minn. this month.  Fueled by nothing more than enthusiasm for the sport (with the help of coffee & muffins) Salesman Ben and Jerseymart President Yale Singer enthusiastically demonstrated the new jerseymart.

Sublimated Hockey Socks

Our brand new Jerseymart hockey socks (starting at $25/pr) impressed the crowd. We were there to display our product, and people kept trying to BUY it! "I’d buy it right here, right now, if you had an extra pair" said one future customer.  Sorry, Timmy, you’ll have to wait for your team to catch on to the trend. Jerseymart is one of only two North American companies' that makes this European-inspired sock, and we make it better than the other guys.

Sportscaster jersey

This display jersey was a huge draw, not only did many take pictures and ask the price, one enthusiastic fan even put it on (see picture) sparking rumors of a retail section in the future Jerseymart.

Local Discoveries

There were also many new hockey inventions to be had, including personal safety equipment (for a game increasingly dangerous), and useful maintenance tools (like the skate squeegee!).  Ben discovered a fondness for local beer SUMMIT, and Yale developed a healthy respect for the locals who could figure out the bizarre web of cross-town traffic which flows on something residents call a "freeway".

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