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By Ben, Salesman


I’ve seen some companies charge more than double your price for a similar jersey, made in a third world factory, there’s NO WAY you can make it in Canada so inexpensively.

Sure we can. Jerseymart is a family - wholly owned and operated enterprise for over 60 years - we aren’t accountable to the stock market, and set our price based on our cost of production, materials, and overhead. We expect a marginal profit, which we cycle back into the business. If you’re looking for a ‘fat cat’ you won’t find one here!


Can I buy just one jersey?

We recommend buying that extra jersey (or two) with your original purchase for three reasons

  1. Minimum re-order is 6 jerseys
  2. Matching/quality guarantee: all materials will be the same colour and fabric. From time to time we might have the same fabric from a different mill, and theirs won’t match up exactly to yours, or your custom colour is no longer made, etcetera.
  3. Theft is not all that uncommon, sometimes people don’t even KNOW they’ve stolen…where did YOU think that third grade math text book on your shelf came from?


What kind of art do you need?

We can accept art in the following forms:

  • EPS
  • AI (Version 8 or lower)
  • Hi-Res JPEG at 300DPI at actual size


What if I can’t find an art-ready computer file?

We have an artist on-staff. If you describe your art in detail, just need a team name, etc, art is FREE. If you need a lot of re-work on art we’ve provided, or have a low-res image, or need something special, we will charge an art-fee based on labor – starting from $30.


When should I order?

We can usually make it in 3-5 weeks, but you might have art that needs tweaking, or you are in a region further away from us that will take a little longer to ship to, and so-on. We say “the sooner the better”. It’s best to have your sizing down, but if you need a formula, the standard distribution is 2/L, 4/M, 4/L, 2/XL. Some managers wait for everybody to have their say, others would rather just be managers and say “Sorry, Mrs. Smith, the jerseys have already been ordered, we won’t be able to get tassels sewn onto the neck trim this year”


I don’t like the “pastel” look I see in subdye jerseys, is there a way to avoid this?

Not in full-body subdye, but with our sublimated crests we can achieve richer, deeper colours, because they are made by traditional methods.


What are “Set-Up” fees?

They are the direct cost of Setting Up the order on a silk screen: This involved chemicals and labor, thus every new order requires a fresh set-up. Our set-Up is on a standard image size 8.5” tall by 11” wide, many places charge twice what we do. Beware of places that don’t charge a set-up, chances are it’s written into the cost (translation, your per-unit price is MORE), or they are using inferior materials or not safely disposing of their chemicals (you don’t want to be drinking industrial runoff, believe us)


My Screened image is cracking, is this normal?

After a time –usually about 3-5 years – screen-printed garments will start to fade or crack. If there is slight cracking from the get-go, you might have a problem: try putting the uniform in the dryer on hot for ten to fifteen minutes, the image should settle and stop the cracking from worsening.


My team needs more than just jerseys, do you do jackets, pants, etc?

YES! Our site is under construction, but we have a wide array of products decoration-ready, with turn-around time between 2-4 weeks, speak to your salesman.


I don’t see the look I’m going for listed on your site, can you still do it?

Send us a picture, we may be able to work off of that!


Do you sponsor teams?

Occasionally for a long-term customer who has supported us through the years we will buy advertising space or show up at an event, but the fairest way to support amateur and semi-pro teams is with a fairly priced product, so unless you’re a high school or large franchise with a demonstrated history of purchasing, you may need to try hitting up your local watering hole.


These FAQ’s were useful, but they didn’t answer my question

Pick up the phone and call us, it’s toll-free 1-800-263-6628, or e-mail We dare you to try stump us!




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