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Currently our # 1 top selling fabric. 100% polyester  used for Hockey game jerseys as well as baseball full button jerseys , casual football jerseys, & also has been used for throwback style Basketball uniforms. Described as being a mid to heavy weight fabric with tiny pinholes (that are not see through) with a flat finish.
Great for cut& sew and sublimation as well.?



Light weight 100% polyester mesh, shiny finish, small vent holes – Mostly used for Basketball reversibles, baseball jerseys, track, double layered in shorts & also used for “all purpose” sports jerseys.


Dazzle Cloth

Like the name – the fabric that dazzles! 100% polyester. Dazzle has a shine, popularly used in basketball uniforms, and shoulders of football jerseys, and also used sometime as a highlight trim on hockey uniforms.


Pro- Mesh

(#65) a heavy weight 100% polyester mesh, flat finish, fair size holes (the size of the end of a match tip) Pro-Mesh is suitable for Hockey & Lacrosse Jerseys.


Light weight mesh

(#85) used for hockey practice jerseys, scrimmage vests ,and budget multi sports jerseys


Polyester Football Mesh 

Warp knit for strength, shiny, and can be used for subdye.



100% Nylon mesh – game weight tackle football jersey fabric. Shiny and flat.


Heavyweight Lycra/nylon

is our game football pant fabric, has 4 way stretch, and is shiny



100% polyester, light weight  dry fit fabric, with superb wicking properties, available in new non traditional bright & trendy colors. Used for a variety of sports including: softball, basketball , track , ball hockey etc.


Double-Knit stretch polyester

Very durable 100% polyester , used mostly for baseball pants.


Mini Porthole Mesh

100% polyester mesh , big holes ( you could almost get your pinky Finger in it ! )_ used for football practice jerseys, and side insert for roller hockey jerseys.



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