Direct Screen Print

The most economical option.  Durable inks are applied directly to the garment to produce logos of all types.  We can use multiple colors to create your design for you.

This process was invented 3000 BCE, the modern twists are a tightly woven poluester 'screen' rather than silk, and modern gadgets like our M&R automated printer. Your custom team order will be printed by a skilled artisan in the manual section of our screen room.

Pricing is based on the number of colors in your design, and the number of jerseys in the order.  When counting how many colors you have, do not include the color of the material the logos are being applied to, if that color is part of your design.  For example, if you have a blue jersey, and want a Red, White and Blue logo, you would only be paying for 2 colors; Red and White (we would use the Blue color of the jersey material for the blue part of your design).

Pricing as follows:





Set/ up charge

1 Color



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2 Color



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3 Color



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4 Color



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